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Living Spirit
Living Spirit

Bringing us all together.    
           “Without the dreamers the impossible can never evolve”

Have you ever looked out at the world, all appears good, it feels ok but there is something that ain`t quite right.  Somewhere within the mirage of our lives and our consciousness it niggles but we cannot identify why. We hear about Global warming, The Voice in Parliament, A treaty, The economy, a republic the cacophony of the 24 hr a day media cycle, but we never get to discuss the efficacy  of the very intelligence that keeps our real world running.  Without our legal structure, without our Judiciary and our legal profession we are told we would face a world of anarchy and therefore do not discuss the efficacy of an outdated structure formed to exploit, without the fabric of respect for family and community  in a land which has no treaty with its original peoples. A structure which is no longer fit for purpose which if left to its own ends will greatly impede the health and well being of our nation.The Film: “A Castle. The Medi Evil Nightmare.” A Tragic Comedy. Is a production which will bring about that discussion within our wider community by taking the audience past the  façade, leaving us with the ability to have the discussion  which is so long overdue. A Castle The Medi Evil Nightmare ” portrays the reality of the nation’s legal roots, brings them into the contemporary world and blends the modern with the spirituality of its soul, its original peoples, to bring about a solution through healing, via a “Tragic Comedy”.The film exposes the historical and contemporary reasons for the disrespect of family and community within Australia`s Judicial Structure and the impact this has on the contemporary Australian family’s, it explores its roots within the reality of Terra Nullius and the desperate need to make a fair dinkum Treaty with the original peoples of the land.The story is structured upon a trinity, The Everyday Australian FamilyThe Aboriginal People and The Lawyers, (the people who run the judicial structure, and those whom they protect). The spirit of Australia threads throughout the film to bring together a story which exposes the clash of cultures that impacts upon our contemporary society.To bring the film to fruition we need people to come together and collaborate for the benefit of our society as a whole and for the benefits it will bring to all those who choose to be involved in its creation.  Please follow the links to understand  how participating  will bring the benefits.    

Investing in a successful film can make you a financial return on investment.I

By participating in making this film you will be contributing to the future well being of our families and our communities. 
We aim to enlighten the consciousness of the audience
to the imperative need  to build a new frame work.
This framework in Australian law will respect our families and communities and develop a treaty with the first peoples of this land.

By Involving yourself in the creation of this film you will have the opportunity to meet a great many people from diverse sections
of our Australian Community

Details for film Investors.

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