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It is Time to laugh at the lawyers


If you have had the misfortune of encountering a legal process and were not enamored by the experience!

Here is your chance to have a laugh on them.

Justice for sale.

Did you know that there is an 80% customer dissatisfaction rate for the services of lawyers?

Did you know that the average overcharge of costs disputes bought to the Victorian Costs Court average 30%.

Did you know that the Victorian Ombudsman wrote a damming report on the inner workings of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner in 2009. This report has never been released to the public.

The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner is the body responsible for the regulation of the legal profession in Victoria.

There have been many inquiries into the workings of the Banking and our legal system. Have you noticed that the majority of these inquires have been run by a monopoly of lawyers. Any of the recommendations emanating from this very expensive research which protects consumers of legal services disappears and is rarely placed into law.

Are you or someone you know been damaged by the actions of one of these professionals and realised there is no recourse for compensation. 

Consumers of legal services very rarely require the services of a lawyer. But when we do require their services it is most likely caused by a very serious life changing event.

I can list some of them.

  • A marriage breakdown.
  • A deceased estate matter related to a family member.
  • Purchasing a house.
  • A serious financial failure of the family business.
  • Personal injury claim.
  • A building dispute.  
  • A business related matter, Employment, Insolvency, Civil dispute.

The opportunity has now arrived. The time is right for a transition. The film exposes the failure to respect family and community within the fabric of Australian law.

Our Australian communities deserve a whole lot more from the providers of legal services apart from an outdated, adversarial model which exploits people for the benefit of itself.

In short, the legal profession comprises what may be the last unreformed vested interest group — conducting themselves according to their own sometimes opaque rules, which often seem to operate more obviously for their own benefit than the public’s.

They are supposed to defend and uphold the law, yet more and more they are renowned for being consumed by a desire to make barrow-loads money in order to feather their own nests. 

More information about the Film: A Castle, The Medi Evil Nightmare is available at and

The script is written, all we need is to turn on the lights by working together.

The cost estimate for production of the film is $500,000. All that is needed is 50 people to invest $10,000 each and have an interest in the film to make it happen.  

Please look over the web site and when you have more questions phone , email or contact us.